1. For the diagnoses of male infertility (issue less couples) at the Nayab clinic, first of all semen
    sample of infertile men is laden then exact quality of this sample is determined by measuring it
    weight instead of volume for this purpose, first weight of empty semen collection vial is recorded. It
    is again weighed with semen sample. In this way exact quality (weight) of semen sample is
    calculated, which is not possible through determination volume of the sample.
  2. Then the semen sample is kept and body temperature in a water bath which is kept under
    controlled environment at 37-38°C the semen sample is examined for its quality under this
    controlled environment.
  3. Microscopic examination of semen at the NAYAB clinic is carried out by using world’s most
    modern microscope. This microscope is attached with on LCD and computer system installed at the
    clinic with the help of this system, the report of microscopic examination of semen can be shown to
  4. and PhD students working on IUI, IVF embryo culture etc. Our date base software system provides
  5. complete guidance to these students.
  6. Measurement of Sperm
    At the NAYAB clinic, sperm size is measured by using micrometer. By this method the exact size and
    structure of a sperm is determined.
  7. Live and Dead Sperm
    Presence of live sperm in reasonable number in a semen sample is necessary for successful
    fertilization of ovum. Therefore, at the NAYAB clinic, the differentiation between live and dead sperm
    is done by using differ stains in this way, exact number of live or dead sperm in the sample is
  8. Hydrogen Ion Concentration (ph)
    The ph of semen plays most important role in its quality. A high or a low ph can adversely affect
    quality of sperm. Therefore, special attention is paid to the ph of semen during infertility treatment.
  9. Selection of Medicine
    Selection of the proper medicine plays a role in the effective treatment of any problem thus, at the
    NAYAB clinic, special consideration to the selection of medicine for treatment of infertile men. For
    this purpose, the harmful bacteria present in the semen sample are cultured on nutrient broth. Then
    these bacteria are transferred to sensitivity agar and incubated with different herbal medicines to
    see which medicine is most effective in killing bacteria causing the disease. The medicine selected
    in this way is 100% effective for treatment of problems associated with issuelessness such a
    abnormal sperm, non-production of sperm (Azoospermia), reduced sperm production
    (oligozoospermia), increase or decrease of pH to acidity level etc, has been carried out.
    Although thousands of useless (infertile) couples have been successfully treated at the NAYAB
    clinic, yet we do not feel any embarrassment in accepting that a few infertile men could not be
    treated, as their treatment was not possible because of atrophy of their testicles. Same patients had
    been surgically operated for hernia, varicocele or hydrocele (accumulation of fluid around testicles).
    In some cases, testes were not present in the scrotum and MRI examination of these patient
    revealed presence of testes in the abdomen (a condition known as cryptorchidism). NAYAB clinic